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Our Four Paws Only Staff

Our Qualified staff of pet stylists specialize in "hand scissoring" and stands far above the rest. Having a staff with a background in show grooming, and our knowledge of  cat and dog breed standards for grooming makes our spa number one in the area.

Our goal is to provide your pet with a relaxing and refreshing spa experience, our Paws-itive, Patient and Professional methods allow us to build bonds of trust that lasts a lifetime. Our GREEN GROOM line of products are completely chemical and pesticide FREE…Making your pet and their environment our top priority.

Keeping it Personal




Welcome to Four Paws Only; Dog & Cat Spa!


Four Paws Only is an award-winning pet spa in Dracut, MA. We are dedicated to ensuring your pets receive exceptional grooming services in a relaxing and caring environment. Since 1987, our privately owned-and-operated salon has been proudly serving pets and their owners throughout the community and surrounding areas.

The Area's Only

Eco-Friendly Pet Spa

We are dedicated to a more natural and holistic approach to pet styling .


Here, at Four Paws Only, we offer many services for our furry friends.

Established in 1989. We offer pets a day of pampering including nail trimming, ear cleaning, therapeutic baths, blow drying and scissor trimming. Finishing touches include aromatherapy scents and bows. Our award winning staff offers pets personalized and professional service with your pet's spiritual well being and comfort above all else. We also carry organic treats and dog toys. Our Spa uses only "Green" shampoos and products. We are pesticide and chemical free....making a healthier environment for our Four legged clients and our employees as well.


Teeth Brushing (Beef / Chicken Toothpaste)

Exam of Teeth & Gums

Breath Spray


Price: $8


A non invasive approach to getting plaque removed.

No anesthesia required.


Price: $40


is an important part of a regular grooming routine. If your dog’s nails get too long, they can break, which is painful and sometimes results in infection. Long nails can also cause an irregular gait that leads to skeletal damage.


Price: $18


This service includes bringing your feline in for monthly brush out sessions . Your pets session includes a thorough brush out, combing and any de-matting required.. ensuring your high maintenance longhaired cat will look fabulous all year round...WITHOUT the commitment of at home brushing sessions.


Price per session - $30-40


 Finding out your pet has been sprayed by a skunk is traumatic to both yourself as well as your pet! We can easily manage the pet portion of this catastrophe. We offer EMERGENCY DESKUNKING appointments during business hours. Our 3 step treatment removes up to 95% odor removal. This treatment includes first administering gentle soothing eye drops to help prevent inflammation and irritation caused by the skunk spray. We begin deskunking with 1- 2 deodorizing soak baths (depending on degree of foulness) followed by a thorough rinse.Time is "of the essence" ...when dealing with a skunked pet. The sooner your pet receives a deskunking treatment after being "sprayed" the better the results. The longer skunk spray is allowed to "settle and dry" into your pets coat the more difficult it is to achieve optimum results. We understand that skunk encounters typically occur during the or very early mornings..... our spa is open early...beginning at 7am Tues-Sat allowing for an immediate response to your pets needs.


Price: $25 (in addition to standard grooming fees)


This treatment is excellent for pets that have a history of chronic ear infections/issues. This advanced treatment uses the Auri-Flush hydrovac ear flushing system. The treatment provides a deep inner ear cleanse by combining irrigation and suction to gently dislodge dirt, excess wax, yeast, ear mites and other debris from the inner ear canal where other ointments, sprays, and drops never get to. This treatment also aids in preventing future ear infections and issues. This service does require an appointment, but only takes about 10 minutes. Clients can wait in our reception area for their pet while we provide his/her treatment.


Price: $15 or it can be added on th the Paws, Relax and Refresh Package


This 3-step service offers a therapeutic and moisturizing treatment for pets with excessively dry, itchy skin. This treatment works great, especially during the winter months when home heating can dry a pet's coat and cause excess shedding and dryness. It begins with an oatmeal and melaleuca bath to soothe itchy skin, followed by an exfoliating lotion that is massaged into the pet's coat to loosen dry skin and improve circulation. The final step provides a coconut oil hydrating rinse that provides therapeutic long lasting effects. The result is a bright, radiant, shiny coat.


Add on to any Spa Package - $20


Price: $10-$20

$10-$25 A handling fee is assessed when a pet may be difficult to groom and their behavior requires our staff to take additional time to groom your pet.


Please Note *** Our policy is to always put your pets safety and emotional well being above all else! We reserve the right to end any grooming session when a pet becomes distressed.


Camp Zen Doggie Day Care


A safe and green environment for dogs to come and be dogs!  It's equipped with double secured fencing, a ball pit, bottle pit for romping and sand pit for safe digging. Dogs are grouped according to size and play pattern and there are always two people supervising a group of 10-12 dogs at all times.

"Everything Under One Woof!"




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